Thursday, August 12, 2010

France is here at Popricani

Last weeks we had an unexpected and welcomed visit from French flyers at Popricani: Bertrand Burlot and his wife.
Have a look at the cage used for steering the glider.


Bertrand Burlot said...

Hello !
Back home now and very glad to have met you and flown on your site.
My pictures of that time are here :
or there :
Here :
or there :
And my films here :
or there :
Here :
Or there :

All the best to you,


atreyyu said...

Thank you for pictures and movie Bertrand, you are welcome anytime to come again and try the rest of our flying places near Iasi, like Spinoasa and Schitu Duca (check videos on this blog). Usually in the spring there is better weather (NE for Spinoasa and SW for Schitu).