Tuesday, November 03, 2015

SE facing hill found !

The lack of a flying place for SE wind is one of the biggest hurdles for Iasi paragliding pilots. Needless to add is the fact that SE wind has become increasingly common in recent years. The only solution in such situations was going to the mountains which means a 200+ km journey. After a constant searching over the years for a closer solution we finally found this hill near Boistea village in Neamt County. This hill is situated at 110 km from Iasi and could be easily reached by car; the entire road is paved up to Boistea and continues with a very short country road that leads up to the site of takeoff.
We arrived quite late at the scene and the wind was very weak; at the base it was virtually nil wind, however rustling trees could be seen at the summit. As we noticed latter, that was enough to get us airborne and realized that the slope was soarable.