Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Popricani paragliding fly on 31 July 2009

This time we've got strong wind at Popricani so we had to wait till around 6:00 PM to start flying. Cezar couldn't wait so long and he tried to take off around 4 PM when the wind was blowing at 40+ km/h. You can see him at the beginning of this movie how he struggles in strong wind with his Syntax L paraglider. After some "up" and "down" and a little push back by the wind, Cezar decided is better to get down using "big ears" maneuver but because he did not pull enough the right "A" riser his wing started to turn left and pick up speed. Well, an emergency landing with speed but nothing serious, the crater left on impact was very small :)
Latter on when the wind weakened, Cezar made a new fly together with all of us: Stefan, Alex S ("Piciorus"), Cristi, Catalin, Andrei, Tedy and me (Dragos). In the movie Alex and Stefan are flying with Zephyr wing from Windtech and Andrei can be seen hiking with Presta wing from Apco (purple color).

Cezar after emergency landing

Catalin and Cezar


Unknown said...

Looks like flying with the birds! I'd need a puff on my electronic cigarette after that I think!

Great paragliding video... how much for lessons :-)