Monday, August 17, 2009

Gin Boost

gin boostgin boost paramotor

The paragliding manufacturer Gin has launched a new EN A class wing for 2009: Gin Boost.A few words from Gin :

The Boost is an entry-level wing aimed at paragliding school students, qualified pilots and paramotorists. An addition to the GIN range alongside the Bolero 3, its combination of first-class safety and agile handling will nurture your confidence and enable you to discover the magnificent beauty of flight.

A safe flight starts with a good take-off. Uniquely, the Boost is extremely stable in roll. During inflation, if the glider goes off to one side, it tends to roll back overhead to neutral. It also takes to the air at a very low speed and—at such speeds—it is much more controllable than a higher performance glider. We believe these qualities are perfect for student pilots and paramotorists alike.

In free-flight, the Boost proves that a safe glider need not mean a boring one. The Boost, like other GIN gliders, has a precise and intuitive turn. You can easily increase or decrease the radius of the turn and the sink rate, either by using weightshift and brake, or by using brake alone—a great advantage for paramotoring. The overall quality of the turn encourages the pilot to accurately feel the sensations of flight and thus develop an active flying style whilst learning to thermal effectively. Riding the Boost in a thermal is as easy and fun as riding a bicycle!

Landing the Boost is a breeze. It is rock-solid stable in pitch, which enables it to cut through any unexpected turbulence or thermals that you might encounter close to the ground on final landing approach. In addition, you can easily vary the final approach angle with the brakes and the touchdown itself couldn't be simpler: keep your hands up right until your feet are nearly touching the ground and then brake firmly.

The Boost is the result of 1 1/2 years of development by Robert Graham, and extensive feedback from pilots and schools. It is safe enough that you would give one to your partner or best friend to learn paragliding, but so much fun that you might just want to keep it for yourself!

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