Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Bull X-Alps 2009 day 8

Vasile Trifan

Toma Coconea has a new official supporter in x-alps paragliding race: Daniel Pisica who will replace Vasile "Gigi" Trifan - the former team member of Tomi. Trifan is exhausted physically and mentally after an entire week with no sleep time. Coconea has been followed by a series of bad luck starting with car mechanical problems and then 4 malfunctioning GPSes, Nokia phone loose, reserve chute deployment and his competition glider damage.
With all this bad stuff on his had, Coconea manages to keep a rhythm of 4 km/h every day with mostly of his travelling on foot which makes him unbeatable on ground. Every pilot in the top ten is averaging at least 4 km/h. Red Bull race leader Christian Maurer averages 7 km/h and has a 68% of travelling in fly.