Sunday, July 26, 2009

Red Bull X-Alps 2009 day 6

Day 6 of paragliding competition and other 3 pilots leave the competition:
Vincent Sprungli suffered a lower back injury after a failed take-off yesterday. His paraglider touched a tree and got entangled during take-off . Pierre Carter is being eliminated as back runner of the race. Ronny Geijsen is in the hospital and doctors told him to give up, he is the third to leave this competion today.
Coconea, Toase, Rejmanek and Muller took off on Maurer's route this morning, however only Muller got a good fly because this area is very difficult for paragliding. Later in the afternoon Coconea was forced to throw his reserve parachute after loosing control to his glider. After landing in a tree, Toma is safe, uninjured and already running further for this race.
Helmut Eicholzer and Pal Takats landed 15km backwards after fighting with the wind and turbulences and where hugging each other: 'We were lucky not to have a worse accident". Meteo conditions were really extreme for flying today.