Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Red Bull X-Alps 2009 day 10

Christian Maurer
So....we have a winner !
Last night Aidan Toase overtook Honza Rejmanek and regain the third position. In the mean time Christian Maurer managed in the evening to fly away from the bad weather and this morning he was only at 120 km away from Monaco. Yesterday was the last chance for Alex Hofer to catch Maurer but he couldn't make it through the bad weather near Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. So, instead of cutting the 65 km between him and Maurer, Hofer lost another 100 km.

Christian Maurer
Late this morning
Christian Maurer took off with Mount Gros as target. Film crews started to panic and began to pack stuff and rush towar
d Monaco in an attempt to catch Maurer arrival at Monaco, however most have doubted he will make it this evening because the conditions tends to stabilize and there is also a strong breeze blowing from the south.
After 350km travelled Matsayuki Matsubara has retired from this race. He was chasing Peter Vrabek but couldn't break the 23 km distance between them.

In the afternoon Maurer was getting nervous as he was struggling with week thermals. Climbs were weaker than expected. However, he did make it this evening, after 193 km of flying and hiking in one day, Maurer passed over the final turnpoint Mount Gros.